ProPublica reported that Warren Buffett paid a true tax rate of only 0.1%. Jeff Bezos paid 0.98%, Michael Bloomberg paid 1.3%, and Elon Musk paid 3.27%. The median American household earned about $70,000 annually and paid about 14% in federal taxes. The highest income tax rate of 37% applies for couples on earnings above $628,300. However, the 25 wealthiest Americans paid a true tax rate of only 3.4%.

You will need sound financial advisors to achieve such tax rates. But as technologists, open source can help you in two remarkable ways. …

The AMC Drama and other Meme stocks are exposing risks in the $11 Trillion Index Fund industry. In the past week, AMC powered 70% of the $68 billion iShares Russell 2000 ETF. In January GameStop Corp. at one point surged more than 1,600%.

kandi collections: Meme Stocks and Options Trading
kandi collections: Meme Stocks and Options Trading

Since 2019, retail trading has surged in the USA. With a combination of digital technology, access to financial advice (not guaranteed to be sound), reducing commissions, and folks confined at home with a pandemic, retail trading has been moving the markets.

Meme stocks are heavily discussed by retail investors on Reddit, Stocktwits, Twitter, and other channels. They…

Telemedicine appointments have increased by 2400% in the US, and England is reporting a 3 year wait time for dentists. Given the strain on the healthcare infrastructure and personnel and the virality of the pandemic, Telemedicine (Telehealth) solutions have become a mainstay. However, while larger healthcare providers have adopted scalable Telehealth solutions, small and independent practitioners have to contend with ad-hoc solutions.

Telemedicine Solutions from kandi
Telemedicine Solutions from kandi

The still prevailing wait times indicate a significant opportunity for telemedicine solutions that can help bridge this gap. …

Elon Musk is playing God with the crypto market. With a few tweets, he has been moving the price of bitcoin and dogecoin up and down! 2 months after promoting bitcoin, Musk tweeted that Tesla would not be accepting bitcoins over its nonsustainable energy use. Bitcoin dropped around 15% with this. He moved dogecoin up by around 30% after tweeting that he was working with dogecoin developers to improve its efficiency.

Open Source Elon Musk Crypto Tweet Trackers
Open Source Elon Musk Crypto Tweet Trackers

Cryptocurrencies ushered in an era of digital assets that eased the medium of exchange while ensuring secure transaction records. As a result, the entire supply chain of creation and…

Did you know Bitcoin consumes more electricity than the whole country of Sweden? Bitcoin compares to over 10 times the global solar and wind energy produced. On a global scale, Bitcoin uses 0.66% of all electricity consumed worldwide. That is huge for a new-age digital currency!

The core issue in cryptocurrencies has been mining. Most cryptocurrencies rely on a computational competition called Proof of Work (PoW). In this model, participants are rewarded with cryptocoins for adding transactions to the blockchain’s globally distributed ledger. More computational capability means a higher chance to earn more cryptocoins.

Sustainable Cryptocurrencies
Sustainable Cryptocurrencies

However, turning towards energy-efficient approaches, proof…

Agriculture is the oldest industry known to humanity and a key driver in human evolution. Multiple revolutions have shaped agricultural productivity through automation and information availability. Digital technology further enhances agriculture through drones and other robotic automation, satellite-based weather, land use, water, and crop information, IoT-based intelligent farm management, hydroponics, and vertical farming to improve space utilization, and intelligent algorithms and data sharing to optimize lifecycles.

Linux Foundation announced the launch of AgStack Foundation, the world’s first open source digital infrastructure project for agriculture. …

Facebook’s job ads algorithms appeared to produce skewed outcomes even if an employer intended to reach a demographically balanced audience. Even when advertisers did not choose any demographics, Facebook learned and perpetuated existing demographic differences. (Source WSJ)

Artificial Intelligence is widely prevalent in day-to-day tech today and is expected to become more pervasive in the future. While AI learns from and mimics its human trainers, given the learning it achieves in a shorter duration relative to a human and the learning solely based on data and models, AI can amplify certain behaviors in a relatively shorter time.

Of the multiple…

Supply Chains have always been a critical differentiation to businesses. With the digital speed and pandemic situation, supply chain technologies have become more critical. This reflects in Panasonic’s proposed acquisition of U.S. supply-chain software firm Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software) for $7.1 Billion.

Manufacturers and retailers have to manage global supply chains with significant agility given the pandemic disruptions, geo-political dynamics, digital speed of innovation, consumer choices, and varying demand. Edge, AI, and Blockchain, in addition to traditional planning, forecasting, visibility, and transactional systems, are driving innovation in supply chain technologies.

kandi algorithms analyzed all public libraries available across Supply…

NASA’s Perseverance landed safely on Mars. It carried onboard a drone helicopter, Ingenuity. Ingenuity is the first vehicle to ever fly in another world. Given that it is 11 Light Minutes from Earth, Ingenuity needs to navigate autonomously to collect samples and perform other activities.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has open-sourced its F’ framework (pronounced F prime). Additionally, there are over 58 open source components, from Linux to simple utilities used in Ingenuity.

Some interesting observations:

  1. Code with Blocker level issues in Security and Quality can fly a robotic helicopter 11 Light Minutes away. …

Don’t fret if you are short of the $19.7 Billion that Microsoft is paying to acquire Nuance. There are over 850 libraries available for you to implement Ambient Clinical Intelligence use cases.

Ambient Clinical Intelligence encompasses leveraging AI across the provider lifecycle, enabling automated clinical documentation, improving patient data, and increasing the time spent on patient care activities. Use cases across telehealth, radiology, medical events prediction, and payer adjudication can be enhanced with Ambient Clinical Intelligence.

To help jumpstart your Ambient Clinical Intelligence applications, we have assembled a diverse set of software components.

  1. stanza by stanfordnlp, Medico by pranayjoshi, PrescAI…

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