Meme Stocks and Options Trading

The AMC Drama and other Meme stocks are exposing risks in the $11 Trillion Index Fund industry. In the past week, AMC powered 70% of the $68 billion iShares Russell 2000 ETF. In January GameStop Corp. at one point surged more than 1,600%.

kandi collections: Meme Stocks and Options Trading

Since 2019, retail trading has surged in the USA. With a combination of digital technology, access to financial advice (not guaranteed to be sound), reducing commissions, and folks confined at home with a pandemic, retail trading has been moving the markets.

Meme stocks are heavily discussed by retail investors on Reddit, Stocktwits, Twitter, and other channels. They are typically overpriced and volatile. Meme stocks have significantly impacted the markets to the extent that hedge funds see short selling as risky until the retail wave subsides.

There are over twenty thousand public libraries available for automated trading. kandi collection on Meme Stocks and Options Trading showcases public libraries that provide access to real-time and historical stock data, analytics solutions to understand trends and volatility, backtesting solutions to simulate trades, and full-fledged trading engines.

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