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2 min readFeb 5, 2021


With over 10K Apps listed, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is the largest Application Services Marketplace in the hyper-scale cloud provider category. AWS is behind, and GCP hasn’t made a start yet.

Most people contend with the big questions — How many apps are there in the Azure Marketplace? Are they really Apps? Are they active? To answer these questions, we did a deep dive of all application specific cloud providers. Let us take a look at Microsoft Azure Marketplace here.

Our Top 5 Takeaways Reviewing the Microsoft Azure Services Marketplace

1. While there are over 10,000 “Apps” listed, we dropped the legacy VM images and found over 7,000 applications and data services that were available As A Service. This is still higher by a margin of 35% over AWS. So yes, Microsoft Azure has the highest number of application services on its marketplace.

2. As the first slice, we looked at the primary categories that Azure lists. The top 5 categories are:

1. Analytics

2. IT & Management Tools

3. AI + Machine Learning

4. Compute

5. Security

3. While the primary categories that Azure listed were infrastructure or middleware focused, we used our patent-pending industry analyzers to review industry and domain-focused solutions.

1. Retail came in first with a substantial 10% share of the Azure Application Marketplace

2. Banks and Payment with a 9% share

3. Education with an 8% share

4. Media and Entertainment with a 6% share

5. Public Services fueled by smart cities and Environmental service made the final cut with a 5% share

With surging IoT use cases, Manufacturing came very close to making the top 5.

4. Sadly, the user activity on the Azure Marketplace is abysmally low. The highest number of reviewers for any application service on Azure is less than 10. This pales in comparison with over 300,000 stargazers on GitHub for the highest rated application. Nevertheless, the top 5 applications by rating and number of ratings are:

1. DatabeatOMNI

2. Aqtiva

3. Ghost Nodes

4. ezidox

5. Agility CMS

5. Within this low user activity ecosystem, Less than 2% of the applications have 5 Star ratings. 98% of the applications have 0 stars. This leads us to believe that only the loyal application fans are rating the applications. In the absence of any other usage metric on the marketplace, we cannot weigh in on the usage vs. rating measures.

While cloud and public repositories have made exponential progress, many opportunities seem to be available in bringing application services to the cloud. We will review the other cloud providers in the coming weeks.

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