Refugee Support Solutions

The haunting images of Afghans falling off a US evacuation plane, and babies handed across barbed wires to strangers in search of hope, foretell another humanitarian crisis unfolding. Afghanistan is the third-largest source-nation for refugees, with Syria and Venezuela leading the list.

Refugee Support Solutions

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) currently estimates 82.4 million forcibly displaced people around the world, including internally displaced persons, stateless individuals, and refugees. Given the Covid situation leading to border closings, resettlement has also been impacted.

Refugees face tremendous challenges in the places they leave and very likely will face significant hurdles in their resettlement or return. Technology, especially the open source ecosystem, has been doing its bit to alleviate the challenges faced by the refugees.

With the kandi kit for Refugee Support Solutions, we have showcased the best open source and public libraries that help across multiple facets of understanding and resettling refugees. The critical use cases that we found in these popular libraries were visualizing the global refugee situation from published data sources like governments and the UNHCR and open source intelligence sources such as Twitter feeds and google trends. The use cases also covered asylum processing and social integration through information sharing and rehabilitation, mentoring, medical and legal support. In addition, we found use cases across aid management.

While individually, their impact might be minimal, this kit represents strong potential for technology for good. Do share and contribute to the common cause through technology or other means.

Happy Reuse!

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