Supply Chain Optimization through Open Source and the Cloud

Supply Chains have always been a critical differentiation to businesses. With the digital speed and pandemic situation, supply chain technologies have become more critical. This reflects in Panasonic’s proposed acquisition of U.S. supply-chain software firm Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software) for $7.1 Billion.

Manufacturers and retailers have to manage global supply chains with significant agility given the pandemic disruptions, geo-political dynamics, digital speed of innovation, consumer choices, and varying demand. Edge, AI, and Blockchain, in addition to traditional planning, forecasting, visibility, and transactional systems, are driving innovation in supply chain technologies.

kandi algorithms analyzed all public libraries available across Supply chain planning, Warehouse Management, and Transportation Management systems and found over a thousand libraries that you can reuse to enhance your supply chain technologies. We have picked nine unique and popular samples across the supply chain technology spectrum from this long list. The large-scale solutions on demand planning, inventory management, WMS, eCommerce, and blockchain are covered in the respective implementation collections.

Starting with the ‘supply chain for good’ use cases, pantry-for-good by freeCodeCamp provides food bank capability, while AgroChain by freeCodeCamp brings in microfinance to small vendors in the supply chain and Responsible Supply Chain Management by CSRware helps monitor working conditions in the supply chain. openboxes by openboxes provides inventory management in health care and waresys by kohlicekjan is a nifty warehouse management solution based on RFID and Raspberry Pi. maro by microsoft, multimodal-transportation-optimization by hzjken, and IoT-AssetTracking-Perishable-Network-Blockchain by johnwalicki help optimize transportation operations. If you need a foundation to test your use cases try ofbiz-framework by apache.

For other use cases, find reusable application components at

Happy Reuse!

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