Telemedicine Solutions

Telemedicine appointments have increased by 2400% in the US, and England is reporting a 3 year wait time for dentists. Given the strain on the healthcare infrastructure and personnel and the virality of the pandemic, Telemedicine (Telehealth) solutions have become a mainstay. However, while larger healthcare providers have adopted scalable Telehealth solutions, small and independent practitioners have to contend with ad-hoc solutions.

Telemedicine Solutions from kandi

The still prevailing wait times indicate a significant opportunity for telemedicine solutions that can help bridge this gap. While the entire healthcare ecosystem is in the frontline of battling the pandemic, the technology and specifically the open source community can help alleviate access to healthcare through telemedicine solutions.

Telemedicine broadly covers aspects of using smartphones and tablets in providing video conferencing consultations, varying degrees of remote patient monitoring, communication, payer integration, pharmacy integration, nursing, and others. More advanced solutions cover teletrauma, emergency care, telesurgery, amongst others.

There are already over 420 public libraries available for Telemedicine solutions. kandi collection on Telemedicine Solutions provides you with public libraries that provide base schemas, frameworks, and integration for building end to end Telehealth solutions to readymade Telemedicine platforms, interesting solutions like symptom checkers, simple Telehealth solutions using Office 365 as well as nuanced use cases like providing accessible Telemedicine to vulnerable populations like refugees.

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