Your ‘Hello World’ in Decarbonization

It is truly a ‘Hello World’ moment! Multiple global stakeholders are stressing the need and doing their bit on decarbonization. The US reaffirmed its commitment to the Paris accord. French lawmakers recently approved a ban on short domestic flights to instead promote trains for journeys that can be covered in under two-and-a-half hours.

Your ‘Hello World’ in Decarbonization

Did you know there are thousands of libraries available to you to try your bit with decarbonization? We’ve assembled a few interesting starter components for you to experiment with your first steps in decarbonization.

  1. CO2 Emissions (kt) | World Bank Open Data by Rearc and co2-data by owid help you start with data.
  2. electricitymap-contrib by tmrowco, IndustrialSmokePlumeDetection by HSG-AIML, Carbon-Footprint-Calculator by absambam, and Footprint by ubclaunchpad enable you to visualize your surroundings, your travel, or your food in the context of carbonization.
  3. If you are passionate about technology, codecarbon by mlco2, carbontracker by lfwa, and low-web-extension by lowwebtech are good starters to understand and reduce your technology carbon footprint.
  4. If you want to try some fun activities towards decarbonization, carbon0-web-app by Carbon0-Games is a simple gamified approach; FI-Automated-Greenhouse by fisherinnovation helps you run your own hydroponic greenhouse in small spaces, and lastly, greta by protea-earth gives you your own Greta personal assistant.

If you are further interested, ask the Greta personal assistant listed above, or search to discover more exciting components to jumpstart your application development on kandi.

Happy Reuse!

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